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Tuesday 17 January 2012



Relaxation for Children: Free Relaxation Script

This relaxation for children guides children or adults to relax using quick and simple breathing methods and progressive relaxation techniques.

Please note that this relaxation script is intended to be used with the guidance of an adult. Ensure that a parent or guardian reviews this script as is available to supervise its use. 

Relaxation is safe and effective for people of all ages, provided it is used wisely. Do not use this relaxation script if you need to be awake and alert, and only relax when it is safe to do so.
Relaxation for children is the same as relaxation for adults because it uses calm breathing and other easy relaxation techniques. 

This script relaxation for children is a short script intended for those who are new in learning relaxation or for those who enjoy brief and simple relaxation techniques, and can be used as a quick method of relaxation for children or adults.

The relaxation for children script will begin now.

Get ready to relax. You can sit in a chair or lie down on a bed.

Close your eyes, and take a deep breath in.... now breathe out.

Breathe in.... and breathe out.

Keep breathing slowly like this. Feel how it relaxes you to breathe deeply.

Now squeeze your hands closed into fists. Pretend that you are squeezing a ball in each hand... gripping tighter.... squeeze even tighter.... Right now, your muscles are tense.

And now relax. Let your hands go limp. Now your hands feel relaxed. See how relaxed your hands feel. See how tense feels different from relaxed. Relaxation is a way to make your whole body feel relaxed like your hands are now.

One way to relax your body is by breathing deeply. Imagine that your body is like a balloon. When you breathe in, feel your chest and sides expanding, like a balloon filling with air. When you breathe out, imagine your body is like a balloon shrinking with the air being let out.

Breathe in like a balloon being blown up. Now breathe out, like the air is being let out of a balloon. Let the air out by blowing the air through your mouth.

Breathe in through your nose, imagining your body expanding like a balloon.... and now imagine letting the end of the balloon go, and the air rushing out as you breathe out through your mouth.

As you breathe in this time, raise your arms above your head. When you breathe out, lower your arms.

Breathe in. Reach your hands above your head, stretching high up... stretching.... and now lower your arms to your sides and relax. Breathe out.

Raise your arms and breathe in.... lower your arms and breathe out....

Raise your arms and breathe in.... lower your arms and breathe out....

Now relax and keep your arms at your sides, while you continue breathing slowly and deeply.

Remember the difference between tense and relaxed. Tighten your leg muscles to make both of your legs tense. Squeeze tighter.... tighter... and now relax.

Let your legs become very relaxed. Each leg is as floppy as a piece of string.

Your legs feel heavy. The muscles are loose.

Now tense your arms. Make the muscles very tight and tense. Tighter.... and now relax. Your arms are relaxed, limp and loose as pieces of string.

See how it feels to be relaxed. Your legs and arms are relaxed.
Now let your whole body become relaxed. See how relaxed you can make your body.... loosening every muscle.... no tension at all.....

Your body feels heavy and relaxed.

Relax even more by noticing your breathing again. See how calm your breathing is. In.... and out..... in.... and out...
Keep breathing and simply relax. There is nothing you need to do right now except relax quietly.


See how calm and relaxed you feel. It feels good to relax.
Your relaxation time is finished now, and it is time to return to your usual activities. Keep your eyes closed for a little longer while you wake up your body and your mind by wiggling your fingers and toes..... moving your arms and legs.....

Sit still now for a moment, and open your eyes to look around the room.

When you are ready, get up and return to your usual activities, feeling awake, but still feeling relaxed and calm.

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