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Tuesday 17 January 2012



Breathing Relaxation for Children: Free Relaxation Script

This breathing relaxation for children is for anyone who is learning to relax. Both children and adults can use this breathing relaxation exercise as an easy relaxation technique.
Do you ever feel stressed, or worried, or tense? Relaxation lets you feel calm and peaceful. You can learn to feel calm by using breathing for relaxation. Taking deep breaths helps your body get the air it needs, and it can help you to calm down when you need to. It feels good to relax.

Begin the breathing relaxation for children.

Let's relax right now. First, let your body relax a bit. Reach up, high above your head, stretching your arms... stretching your body very tall. Now let your arms relax. Place them at your sides, loosely.

Do the same thing again, but this time, breathe in as you reach up. Stretch.... and now breathe out as you relax and place your arms at your sides.

One more stretch, arms up, breathing in... and relax, arms down, breathing out.

Just sit now, letting your arms rest at your sides.
See how your breathing can relax you by taking slow, deep breaths. Breathe in.... hold your breath.... and now breathe out, slowly. Breathe in.... and out.

Keep breathing deeply and slowly.

Place one hand on your chest and one hand on your stomach. Feel both of your hands moving up and out as you breathe in... and down as you breathe out. Feel your hands moving with your chest and stomach, gently moving in and out with each breath.


Now rest your hands at your sides as you notice the ways you can breathe. Continue the breathing relaxation for children.
Imagine that there is a candle in front of you. You can even hold up one finger in front of your mouth and pretend it is a candle, if you like. As you breathe out, blow the air out through your mouth very slowly. Feel the air on your finger. Imagine that you are blowing enough air to make the flame of the candle flicker, but not enough to blow it out. You will need to blow very softly.

When you breathe in, imagine that the flame of the candle flickers and leans toward you. As you breathe out, the flame flickers and leans away.

Imagine the flame of the candle moving in and out with each breath you take. Continue the breathing relaxation for children.


Another way your breathing can relax you is to breathe like different animals. Do you know how a dog pants? Breathe in.... and now as you breathe out, pant, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.Breathe in.... pant, ha ha ha ha ha. Breathe in... pant.
Imagine that you are like a cat purring. Breathe in... and as you breathe out, purr. Breathe in.... purr. Breathe in... purr.
Now as you breathe, you can sigh, and relax. Breathe in.... and sigh as you breathe out. Breathe in.... sigh. Breathe in.... sigh.
Just relax now for a moment, feeling your body relax. Your arms and legs are very loose and relaxed. Continue the breathing relaxation for children.

Now you can imagine that your body is like a balloon filling up as you breathe in, and emptying as you breathe out. Let your ribs expand out to the sides, like a balloon, expanding... and then let the air out, like a balloon that is emptying. The balloon expands.... and then the air goes out.

You can even imagine that you are blowing up a balloon. Imagine that you breathe air into your lungs, and then when you breathe out through your mouth, imagine that you are blowing up a balloon. Each breath you blow out makes the balloon get even bigger. Imagine filing the balloon as it gets bigger and bigger with each breath out. Breathe in... and then blow up the balloon even more. Bigger... bigger.... bigger.
Imagine letting go of the balloon, so it flies around the room as the air escapes. Feel your body relaxing just like a limp, empty balloon. Continue the breathing relaxation for children.

And now, see how slowly you can breathe out. First breathe in.... and now breathe out very slowly... out... out.... out. When you can't breathe out any more air, breathe in again, and then very slowly breathe out.

For the next few moments, just relax, resting. It feels good to relax. Enjoy this calm feeling.


Now you are finished this breathing relaxation for children. Stretch your muscles if you want to, and let your body wake up. When you are totally awake, you can get back to the rest of your day.

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