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Saturday 26 October 2019


This map proves that ADHD is not a medically based phenomenon but rather clearly at a social one. just look at the states with the highest rates of medication and formulate your working hypotheses as to WHY?

Tuesday 8 October 2019

ANOTHER RINGING ENDORSEMENT FROM LEADING U.S. PSYCHIATRIST FOR OUR DECP REFLECTIVE CHECKLIST IN OCTOBER 2019 By Allen Frances MD - ex-editori in chief of DSMIV - Checklist inspired by the seminal book 'The Checklist manifesto' by Atul Gawande.

"In kids, psychiatric diagnosis should always be written in pencil & meds should be the last resort, not a first reflex.
We must re-educate MDs/parents/teachers/public on a careful stepped approach that serves the child, not the system.Another ringing endorsement from Professor Allen Frances - ex-Editor in Chief of the DSMIV Diagnostic Manual from the American Psychiatric Association."

"This useful checklist is wonderful start."

1)· Are the child’s behavioural differences pervasive, occurring in a wide range of social settings and observed by a range of different individuals in the community?
· 2) Are the child’s difficulties severe, enduring, and significantly impairing?
· 3) Have there been any stresses in the child’s relationships, social context, and recent history which might explain this pattern of behaviours?
· 4) Does the child have presenting behaviours that closely conform to an approved usage for the particular medication being considered at this time?
· 5) Is there research evidence on the efficacy and safety of this specific medication with children of the same age, gender, and social grouping?
· 6) Are the child’s presenting behaviours significantly impairing in a range of settings to acceptably balance the possible impact on the child’s developing brain and body from the evidence based side effects of the specific medications being considered?
· 7) Do the child’s parents and involved professionals see the child’s differences as significant enough to require this medication?
· 8) Has a psychological intervention, such as a talking therapy (CBT etc.); a social intervention such as ‘Circle of Friends’ / ‘Buddy System’ or a physical intervention such as participation in sport been tried prior to prescribing this particular psychotropic medication being considered?
· 9) Have there been any reported significant adverse side effects from this specific medication with children of the same age, gender and social grouping?
· 10) Have you carefully weighed up the short and long-term risks and balanced them against possible benefits?
· 11) Have you received valid consent from the parent and the child?
And perhaps the most searching question:
· 12) If a child in your immediate family or circle of friends had the same presenting behaviours that are in front of you now, would you still be prepared to prescribe this drug?