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Wednesday 1 August 2012

ALTERNATIVES TO PSYCHOTROPIC DRUGS FOR KIDS - Doctor Prescribes Yoga to help children gain more control of their life.

Andrew Levinson, Yogi, MD

Andrew Levinson, Yogi, M.D. 

Andrew Levinson, MD (“Dr. Amrit”) is the founder and director of Vitality Health and Wellness. He is a physician, psychiatrist, body worker, and yogi, working with children and adults alike. His dynamic approach to wellness combines lifestyle change, soft-tissue manipulation, hypnosis, diet, Functional Medicine and Orthomolecular Psychiatry. He is also an expert in yoga and meditation; having studied extensively and directly with the master of Kundalini Yoga (Yogi Bhajan).
His background and training lead him to specialize in diverse areas of medicine; working with neurobehavioral and learning disorders, rape & trauma survivors, autoimmune disorders and those with neuropsychiatric symptoms. He lectures and teaches nationally in the areas of Nutritional Medicine, Biomedical Approaches to Autism and ADHD, Psychodynamic Bodywork, Yogic Meditation and Spiritual Psychology. He has been featured on television and film including the Discovery Channel series Ten Years Younger as the Mind-Body Expert for Anti-Aging and Wellness.

Beyond his world renown approach to reversing the aging process, his specialized work with trauma survivors and professional athletes, his ability to help patients find safe alternatives to high dose psychotropic medications and his highly effective therapy with individuals and couples; Dr. Levinson is perhaps best known for his work with learning disabled and developmentally delayed children and using Yoga to prevent the need for psychotropic medications to control behaviour. He is widely sought as a speaker for patient groups and clinicians internationally. Click here for a list of his speaking and media presentations.
Dr. Levinson received his Bachelor of Science in Psychobiology and his Medical Doctorate from the University Of Miami School Of Medicine.  During his psychiatric residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, he received the Pharmacia & Upjohn Research Award for original research in the area of Alternative Medicine. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine and an long standing contributor to the Autism Research Institute’s Think Tank.

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