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Monday 14 February 2011

DAVE TRAXSON - News Biefing Sheet+++++ Watch "Changing Educational Paradigms," on Video Bar

Prompt Sheet for Newspapers / Media.  Phenomenom = Totally Socially Consructed
1)    Aim of Project: to promote debate of this contentious issue that affects all professionals working with children in schools.

2)    To highlight: whether there may be a link between early legal drug prescriptions and later in life addiction to stimulants.
3)    To challenge; should YP who are “vibrant, vivacious, fun loving, thespian, dramatic, creative, risk takers be drugged?

4)    Principle: if we abnormalise childrens’ differences they automatically become more of a problem = pathologisation.

5)    Principle:the more normalise their behaviour = the more the persons behaviour improves.

6)    Principle: Individual Difference = thank goodness we differ!

7)    Principle: Toxicity can damage the developing brain!!

8)    Principle: Safeguarding children is paramount to all agencies and should be proritised for multi-professional action.

9)    Principle: Ethical Practice = where excellence meets ethics.

10)  Principle: Safeguarding includes medical regimens such as    the use of strong medications for inappropriate diagnoses.

11) Principle: What MEANING does the YP make of our collective actions as pastorally caring adults?

12)    Illegal drugs have the same chemical formula as legal ones and have the same harmful side effects caused by toxicity.

13)    Ritalin = Amphetamines = Stimulants = “Speed”£5 per tab

14)     Overprescription changes society’s view of young people.

15)     “Pastoral Care Staff have a Duty of Care to be Aware.”

16)    New Protocol for professionals Sept 2010 cuts drugging.

“If the professional e.g. head of year, headteacher or E.P. has an ethical concern about the wellbeing of a child they work with then the Clinical Director wants them to contact the prescribing Doctor to share that concern.

17)    Practice is insidious, pervasive, detrimental and scandalous.

18)    Damaged brain = dopamine build up in synapses =

19)    There are no biochemical, genetic or medical tests to prove ADHD.(Prof Steven Rose and Prof Steven Baldwin)

20)    ADHD is a totally socially constructed phenomenon.

21)    There is no “epidemic” due to variations and  social trends e.g. between The Wirral and Stoke on Trent (Rich - Poor areas)

22)    Some doctors, academics and parents get incentives / pay offs by attending free conferences abroad, quality personal items and fees for form filling to drug companies.

23)    Approach is INCENTIVISEDINDUSTRIALISED, SYSTEMMIC and is EXPERIMENTAL, “let’s suck it and see" does it work?? AND BLOODY RISKY!!!!!!!!

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