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Thursday 15 December 2011



Ritalin: Legally Sanctioned "Speed"
    by Julian Whitaker M.D.

    Ritalin is the number one prescription drug for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This drug has such tremendous potential for abuse that it is classified as a controlled substance by the Drug Enforcement Agency. Ritalin is an amphetamine (in street jargon, "speed") with a lengthy list of side effects, including nervousness, insomnia, nausea, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, dizziness, palpitations, headaches, irregular heart rhythms, and psychic dependence — in short, addiction.

    In fact, Ritalin's appeal to drug users and its potential for abuse are so high that US House Judiciary Chair Henry Hyde (R-IL) recently filed a request with the General Accounting Office (GAO) to conduct an investigation of Ritalin abuse in public schools. In addition, class action lawsuits have been filed in Texas, California and New Jersey charging Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis, maker of Ritalin, with conspiracy to create the psychiatric disorder known as ADHD in order to fuel the market for their product.

    Dr. Fred Baughman - " In the area of child psychiatric drugs, the main focus has been the recently commenced FDA hearings, which pertain to reports of death, strokes and heart attacks in children and adults. The first report concerning Adderall came out about a year ago. Adderall is the number one ADHD drug, and that report dealt with 12 or so individuals that were said to have had strokes, if you can imagine a stroke occurring in a young child. Some were sudden deaths and others were heart complications, and a total of 20 to 30 such reports lead Health Canada to take Adderall off the market." Dr. Baughman was an adult and child neurologist in private practice for 35 years more...

    New But Unimproved
    The latest version of methylphenidate is an extended-released tablet that will be the most expensive prescription drug on the ADHD market. The once-a-day drug, called Concerta, was launched with great fanfare just in time for the new school year, with a team of 515 sales reps targeting pediatricians, family practitioners, psychiatrists, neurologists, and family practitioners around the country. Though promoters of the drug say it will help eliminate the embarrassment experienced by children who have to take medication at school, the drug will do nothing to eliminate the dangers of methylphenidate. In clinical studies, side effects of Concerta were virtually identical to those of Ritalin.

    There are natural alternatives to both Ritalin and Concerta, but you're not likely to hear about them from most conventional doctors. And if the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has its way, you won't be able to find these products in health food stores, either.

    Big Pharma Bribes Doctors to Hook Your Kids on Drugs
    For decades, the majority of American doctors, mental health professionals, the media, and the general public have yielded to the disseminations of Harvard psychiatrist Joseph Biedeman who successfully evangelized for more children -- and younger children -- to be medicated with powerful psychiatric drugs. The blowback from ADHD drugs is reported in the current July 2009 Scientific American Mind article "Do ADHD Drugs Take a Toll on the Brain?" a comprehensive report of the long-term dangers of ADHD drugs such as Ritalin, Concerta, Adderall, and Vyvanse. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimated in 2005 that 9% of boys and 4% of girls in the U.S. were taking ADHD stimulant medications; and according to a 2007 study, ADHD-drug prescriptions rose by almost 12 percent a year between 2000 and 2005.

    ADHD drugs are either the "amphetamine-like" methylphenidate (e.g., Ritalin and Concerta) or actual amphetamines (e.g., Adderall and Vyvanse), so it should not be surprising that long-term use is associated with many hazards. The current Scientific American Mind piece, authored by Edmund S. Higgins, clinical associate professor of family medicine and psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina states, "Methylphenidate has a chemical structure similar to that of cocaine and acts on the brain in a very similar way." In February 2009, neuroscientists at the Rockefeller University reported cocaine-like structural and chemical alterations in the brains of mice given methylphenidate. The Medical-Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex - Corruption in Drug Research and in Medicine


    Toxic Psychiatry

    Do doctors know what they are doing to the children?
    The devastating effects of the drug Ritalin and the long-term side effects in the brain.  Dr. Med. Heinrich Kremer of the Niedersachsen and Schleswig-Holstein clinic, specializing in medications of the states Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, describes in detail the effects of the drug Ritalin in the brain and to introduce alternative, Ritalin-free therapies for restless children. No conscientious doctor will prescribe Ritalin after studying this article. The devastating effects of the drug Ritalin and the long-term side effects in the brain

    Class action lawsuits have been filed in Texas, California and New Jersey charging Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis, maker of Ritalin, with conspiracy to create the psychiatric disorder known as ADHD in order to fuel the market for their product.

    Dr. Rob Robertson, MD -  "I believe Transfer Factor is, without a doubt, the greatest discovery of the century in supporting and modulating the immune system. I believe a strengthened immune system will be the primary way to stay well in the future. This nutrient can affect the immune system like nothing else can. I sincerely believe everyone needs to consume this product. There is no other product in a nutritional substance, nor a drug, that has this kind of power and ability to affect our immune system. With the increase of killer viruses, mutated germs, 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula was developed by 4Life researchers and scientists in an effort to maximize immune system support. Results of an independent study conducted at the Russian Academy of Medical Science conclusively showed that 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula propelled Natural Killer (NK) cell activity to a remarkable 437 percent above normal immune system response.super-resistant germs, and food contaminations, our only hope and defense, must lie within our own immune system." Dr. Robertson received his medical degree from the University of Louisville School of Medicine in 1974. He served as the Director of Emergency Services at Western Baptist Hospital in Paducah, KY.

    Glutathione and ADHD Children
    The effect of low Glutathione levels in children suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

    Redox Rep. 2006;11(4):163-72. Department of Medical Chemistry, Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) belongs to the neurodevelopmental disorders characterized by impulsivity, distractibility and hyperactivity. In the pathogenesis of ADHD genetic and non-genetic factors play an important role. It is assumed that one of non-genetic factors could be oxidative stress. This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study investigated the influence of intercellular reduced Glutathione and oxidized Glutathione in children suffering from ADHD and total antioxidant status (TAS). This is the first investigation of the redox Glutathione state in relation to ADHD.


One month of Glutathione administration caused a significant decrease in oxidized Glutathione and a highly significant increase in Glutathione levels as well as improvement of Glutathione/oxidized Glutathione ratio in comparison to a group of patients taking a placebo. TAS in children with ADHD was decreased in comparison with reference values. Glutathione administration normalized the TAS of ADHD children in this study.

    Dr. Jimmy Gutman, MD  - "Clinical evidence links low glutathione levels to the most common illnesses of our time as well as newly emerging diseases. Glutathione levels diminish as we age and many diseases normally associated with aging have been linked to glutathione deficiency."

    Glutathione is a master antioxidant, an important line of defense against diseases, toxins, viruses, pollutants, radiation and oxidative stress. Low glutathione levels are linked to diseases such as Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Atherosclerosis, pregnancy complications, male infertility and Cataracts. A Glutathione deficiency can cause a lack of coordination, mental disorders, tremors, and difficulty maintaining balance. Glutathione is continuously defending our body against attacks from disease, toxins, poisons, viruses, pollutants, radiation and oxidative stress. Without Glutathione our liver would soon become overwhelmed with the accumulation of toxins, resulting in organ failure and death. click here to learn more....

    Robert O. Young D.Sc., Ph.D - "In the last ten years, over 25,000 medical articles about this substance have been published, and the scientific understanding of glutathione is gradually becoming common knowledge. Each and every cell in the body is responsible for its own supply of glutathione and must have the necessary raw materals in order to produce it. Glutathione is always in great demand and is rapidly consumed when we experience any sort of emotional or physical stress, fatigue and even moderate exercise."

    Dr. Fred Baughman - "...the only way the pharma-psychiatry-government cartel differs for the Cali, Medellin, Tijuana, and opium cartels of the world is that the pharma-psychiatry-government cartel target everyone, from cradle to grave—your parents, and grandparents in their nursing home beds, those truly physically ill, adding their never-essential drugs to essential drugs, compromising real medical and surgical treatment, and infants, toddlers, preschoolers and all they can force or court-order to swallow their brain-altering, brain-damaging, “chemical balancers.” We are warned by le Carre, that their power, in league with government, is the greatest of all threats to our liberty and right of self-determination" Learn more....ADHD fraud and the chemical holocaust against a generation of children

    TeenScreen, A Front Group for the Psycho-Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex is a very controversial so-called "diagnostic psychiatric service" aka suicide survey; done on children who are then referred to psychiatric treatment. The evidence suggests that the objective of the psychiatrists who designed TeenScreen is to place children so selected on psychotropic drugs. "It's just a way to put more people on prescription drugs," said Marcia Angell, a medical ethics lecturer at Harvard Medical School and author of "The Truth About Drug Companies." She said such programs will boost the sale of antidepressants even after the FDA in September ordered a "black box" label warning that the pills might spur suicidal thoughts or actions in minors. (The New York Post, December 5, 2004)

    The American Heart Association Alert for ADD/ADHD Children  The American Heart Association issued a recommendation for all children currently taking or diagnosed to begin taking prescription ADD/ADHD medication to receive a thorough cardiovascular screening. 

This warning follows last year's FDA ordinance to ADD/ADHD drug manufacturers to include warning labels on drugs regarding the increased risk for cardiac complications among those with underlying heart conditions, as prescription ADD/ADHD stimulants raise both heart rate and blood pressure.

    Do Antidepressants Cause Violence and Suicide?

    Psychiatric drugs cause major changes in brain chemistry and in behavior. International drug regulators warn that the drugs we are doling out to kids can cause mania, psychosis, depersonalization, suicidal and even homicidal ideation. If we take a look at the school shooters that were under the influence of these drugs, you have to wonder why there hasn’t been a federal investigation into the correlation between drugs documented to cause violence and suicide and kids taking them who then became violent and suicidal. If even a handful of these school shooters were found to be taking PCP or smoking crack we would have headline news announcing a causal relationship between illicit drug use and acts of violence. But because these kids are taking legal drugs, prescribed by a psychiatrist for an alleged mental disorder, something we use to refer to as “childhood,” the powers that be don’t think it merits an investigation. Well we are all aware of how much Pharma spends on lobbying efforts. Regarding corporate media I would venture a guess that the reason they haven’t taken on the issue is simple: Big Pharma is now one of, if not the largest, advertisers in the United States, with $5 billion a year spent on direct to consumer advertising. Read more and watch the video...

    Julian Whitaker, M.D., believes there is a direct link between the violent shootings and the increased and indiscriminate use of popular antidepressant drugs. Dr. Whitaker points out that many of the gun-related massacres that have made the headlines over the past decade have a common thread: they were perpetrated by people taking Prozac, Zoloft, Luvox, Paxil, or a related drug. A documented side effect of these drugs -- known clinically as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) -- is akathisia, or physical and mental agitation. Dr. Whitaker says "akathisia is to violence what a match is to gasoline. And this condition has been reported in a significant number of Prozac users." Moreover, the Food and Drug Administration has received over 40,000 reports detailing adverse effects related to Prozac.  

The Scourge of Prozac by Dr. Julian Whitaker MD

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