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Wednesday 15 January 2014

Conners Rating Scale - Subjective or objective tool? - "ADHD is a national disaster of dangerous proportions," Dr Keith Conners speaking about his checklist has been used - Courtesy of Ritalindeath.com

Conners Rating Scale - Subjective or objective tool?

This has been around for years. It was developed by a psychiatrist. The revised edition claims to identify childhood and adolescent behavioural 'disorders' such as ADHD and ODD.

This “test” has been around for years.  It was developed by Keith Conner’s a psychiatrist.  Today the revised edition claims to “identify childhood and adolescent ADHD behavioral problems and psychopathology.”  Sadly these claims fail to mention early on invalidation of this testing method.  In the *Right to Privacy Hearings on the Federal Role in the Use of Behavior Modification Drugs Used on School Age Children (September 29", default", 1970) it was noted that this type of screening method was used to obtain children for drug research.  Dr. Keith Conner’s had a financial stake in the outcome of this research.  It was established in these hearings that parents/guardians were not required to participate.  It was classified as research of the effects of psychotropic drugs on children.  The Conner’s Rating Scale was never validated as a standardized test.  In today’s psychiatric Propaganda marketed to the public regarding the Conner’s Rating Scale one critical element is clearly missing, and that is the fact that dozens of parents came forward to protest forced participation in such a risky human experiment on their children (1970). Dr. Keith Conner’s and his rating scale were at the forefront of obtaining millions of dollars in *blanket mental health grants from the federal government to supply children to the pharmaceutical industry to use for experimentation.  This experimentation was conducted to determine the effects of different types of drugs.  These blanket grants are still active today, many of which serve as a blank check to the entire psychiatric industry for drug research on children.

The Bottom Line is that for over 3 decades Keith Conner’s has failed to validate his rating/testing scale.  Simply put, the Conner’s Rating Scale is nothing more than a subjective survey to obtain innocent children to do experimental drug research on.

A member of our organization took the time to look into the matter of the Conner’s Rating Scale further and requested a copy of any type of certificate validating it as an accurate measure in diagnosing ADD/ADHD.  He requested this validation/certification from:

1. Center for Disease Control

2. Food & Drug Administration

3. Drug Enforcement Administration

4. National Institute of Health

5. National Institute of Mental Health

6. Center for Health Education & Welfare

7. Kansas State Board of Education

8. Kansas Blue Valley School District

NOT one of the above 8 listed could provide any type of certification on this “test”.  Digging deeper this member went further and sent a letter certified registered receipt to C. Keith Conner’s himself.  The letter was received.  Not surprisingly, Dr. Conner’s failed to produce an answer or a certificate.  You can read this letter by clicking here

Pertaining to all other “tests” that are being used in the determination of ADD/ADHD, it has been proven that NO ADD/ADHD rating scale, checklist, survey, questionnaires has ever been validated, endorsed, or recommended by ANY Local Government, State Government, or even the Federal Government itself! 

*Reference: Right to Privacy Hearings on the Federal Role in the Use of Behavior Modification Drugs Used on School Age Children (September 29, 1970)

*blanket grants- large amounts of dollars given out for up to 25 years without any checks and balances or oversight.

Dr. C. Keith Conners Ph.D.
Box 3431
Duke Medical Center
718 Rutherford Street
Durham , NC 27705

Dr. Conners:

It is my understanding you are the author of the Conner’s Performance Test  “CPT” used for determining the disease ADHD in individuals.

As such, may I please request you provide me with a copy of the certification validating your test (and/or its procedures) as to the “CPT” being an accurate, efficient standard capable of determining the presence of the disease ADHD?

Specifically ALL I’m looking for is a copy of a certificate issued by any of the following:  The CDC, FDA, DEA, NIH, NIMH, DHE&W and/or the Kansas State Board of Education in Kansas, and the Kansas Blue Valley School districts certification underwriting, certifying, validating, approving your CPT as a validated  test standard that will accurately, efficiently ascertain the presence of ADHD, most specifically in minor children.

I have contacted the above entities and they have not been able to provide me with a copy of this validation, so I respectfully look to you for a certification of same.

Should you not be able to provide this validation, I will take that to mean the CPT has not obtained validation by any of the above Federal, State and Local agencies.


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