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Sunday 12 September 2010

IMPORTANT QUOTES ABOUT THE OVER-PRESCRIPTION OF STIMULANTS FOR KIDS. (Posted Sept 2010) + Also watch Sir Ken Robinson on the Videobar.

"We would be very concerned as the B.P.S. if children were prescribed medication as a 'quick fix' rather than accessing the full assessments and psychological therapies."Peter Kinderman, Chair of the Clinical Division.

"Community Psychology is about understanding people within their social worlds and using this understanding to improve their wellbeing."      J.Orford(1992)


click on link above or title for more information and videos +BBC radio programmes e.g. 'Womans Hour' as commentary.


For more information on this topic and the BBC Radio programmes on over-prescripttion for kids go to link above:

"Although we may not know it,we have,in our day witnessed the birth of the Therapeutic State .This is perhaps the major implication of Psychiatry as an institution of social control."                            Professor Thomas Szasz (1968)

"Is it not the case that if a kid is starting to take a tablet to learn something that they might think they can only learn something when they take a tablet." 
Baroness Susan Greenfield-witness to All-Party group.(2009)

"We should give more thought to changing the shape of our classrooms to fit our children than trying to medicate our children to fit our classrooms."                                                                     Baroness Susan Greenfield, Professor of Pharmacology.(2007)

"Our children are our collective messengers that we as a society send to a future we shall not inhabit."
"What message do we want to send about the way we have chosen to treat our children in our schools today"
Cannon Billings,"Thought for the Day, Radio 4, April 2009.

"The pharmaceutical industry is primarily responsible to its shareholders ,so makling a profit is its primary motivation .The industry's techniques affect not only the prescribing habits of doctors but also concepts of Mental Health." Sammi Timimi, Consultant Child Psychiatrist,Lincolnshire NHS, 2008.

"It is a systemmic failure of the greatest order when healthy children with behavioural differences are selected by dubious pseudo-scientific means for long-term medication."                  Dave Traxson, AEP Conference , Liverpool, 12th November, 2010.

"We are moving into a world in which psychopharmalogical adjustment of an individual's behaviour to fit within prescribed norms is becoming common place."                                                 Professor Steven Rose,Open University,2009.

"The pharmaceutical companies and Psychiatry are like conjoined twins -united at the wallet!" Former drug sales whistleblower commenting on global psychotropic drug sales of $500 billion.
All drug treatments for children are experimental in nature.

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